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European Patents of the Year 2016

European Patents of the Year 2016

Machine reading and machine learning is really great!

These days we extracted all european patent documents published in 2016 from our database to extract the most importend topics of the year.

Just to tell you the facts: about 150,000 documents, 4.250 GB without any images, 350,000,000 strings if you treat whitespace as delimiters.

You can try to search of course, but you can only search what you already know. So, if you have a lot of documents even the amount of the unknown gets unknown ...

To overcome this, you have to act like you always should without previous knowledge: do exploratory document analysis.

We therefore told the machine to extract the most important topics contained in these documents, where each topic should be represented by 10 keywords.

Some hours later the machine came up with these topics we like to share with you. As you can see we did no stemming before ...

In the final analysis each topic is linked to a list of the documents which contain these keywords; each entry in this list is finally liked to the document itself. Nice to explore.

Most important topics contained in european patents published in 2016

  • assembly housing end extending wall slot claim extends insert aperture
  • phase pulse matrix coefficient correction gain compensation factor vector waveform
  • needle tip delivery plunger end hub syringe barrel cannula injector
  • pre joint plasma artificial replacement mould shaping joints trough hip
  • turbine blade engine gas wind compressor rotor pressure blades fan
  • blood subject document vessel matter documents vessels plasma coagulation method
  • time period predetermined timing threshold start interval number times cycle
  • stage probe ultrasound ultrasonic exposure transducer apparatus recovery wafer mask
  • air tube fan duct conditioning tubes conditioner airflow outlet inlet
  • link traffic se links class congestion setup priority end latency
  • gas catalyst reaction oxygen hydrogen carbon reactor process dioxide nitrogen
  • aircraft distribution flight safety wing radar weather landing subsystem ground
  • liquid crystal absorbing absorption absorber alignment crystals liquids molecules atomizer
  • agent agents embodiments peg formulation include moiety lipid active invention
  • station ue radio enb configuration message coverage access random stations
  • routing label route activation router activated pe activating interest mr
  • zone article building dust articles zones garment wearer cyclone customized
  • acid preferably mass water aqueous agent salt examples obtained amount
  • carrier table index symbol modulation entry mapping scheme symbols carriers
  • panel touch finger panels gesture haptic fingerprint hand effect pen
  • sheet glass paper sheets protective transparent laminated decorative film laminate
  • degree peak impact degrees auto correlation elevator pa simulation reset
  • filter generator post filtering pass filters filtered polishing abrasive regeneration
  • circuit chip multi package clock integrated buffer circuits chips semiconductor
  • communication wireless receiving received transmitting reception transmitted transmit transmission transmits
  • load condition operating conditions operational meter loads startup operation capacity
  • composition oil wt acid compositions fatty weight hair surfactant thereof
  • flow fluid chamber inlet outlet conduit reservoir downstream upstream wall
  • dendritic applicator schl microneedle vr ssel flurf hl ssels implantat
  • protection plug tag rfid reader ic maintenance enclosure tags transponder
  • seat back leg folding folded strap cushion bed legs pocket
  • mode transition modes dynamic hybrid sleep saving normal standby wake
  • pad cleaning robot vacuum floor ball cleaner foot shoe sole
  • winding series arc transformer regulating regulation breaker regulator mechanical tap
  • locking lock locked unlocking unlocked unlock locks odu oduflex ho
  • material materials welding bonding bonded joining foil ceramic made joined
  • cell cells small serving neighboring cluster macro neighbor aggregator number
  • line lines gate column connected display transistor row driving common
  • signal output signals input received configured receive outputs generate processing
  • nozzle injection suction spray nozzles jet burner ejection drop injected
  • water treatment membrane separation waste treated tank exchange separating hollow
  • lens eye optical focus focal lenses focusing distance pupil objective
  • power supply energy electric consumption supplied source supplying grid output
  • beam laser array mirror beams polarization spot polarized polarizing splitter
  • configured manner present includes implementation invention aspect embodiment sending method
  • mechanism arm spring position rod pin movable force lever engagement
  • outer ring tool bearing diameter axial end annular circumferential cylindrical
  • distal proximal end catheter stent anchor sheath elongate balloon lumen
  • database payment transaction usage service customer record facility based schedule
  • display screen input displayed user fig displaying button output displays
  • virtual management physical host fault cloud logical manager vm function
  • surface cover surfaces contact formed shape curved flat convex concave
  • pipe passage discharge tank supply provided port compression discharged supplied
  • speed motor torque brake steering engine force wheel electric braking
  • network mobile access communications local wireless cellular networks connection fi
  • weight soft density hard percent dry wet tablet fibre moisture
  • type generation generating generated conversion solar collection generate collecting types
  • container sealing seal cap lid bag filling sealed containers bottle
  • position direction axis angle positions relative rotation respect orientation center
  • mg administration pharmaceutical disease invention treatment drug composition thereof administered
  • cable bar patent rack lifting lift bars publication cables gripping
  • point transfer intermediate points toner developer transferred developing forming transferring
  • nucleic dna acid target sequence rna primer amplification pcr oligonucleotide
  • cancer marker diagnosis method fluorescence kit protein fluorescent disease markers
  • set parameter model parameters method values based determining determined function
  • transport box stack dispensing dispenser cassette emergency handling temporary push
  • strain acid bacteria culture medium enzyme activity microorganism producing production
  • machine working work operator production machines implement crop worker agricultural
  • plane dimensional scanning depth coordinate scan grid shape spatial coordinates
  • processing target fig step process embodiment case setting performed determination
  • wire coil flexible wires bending mesh coils induction end wound
  • space external internal volume automatic tray loading cup chassis automatically
  • block prediction coding encoding picture decoding blocks reference current video
  • side direction wall edge face formed width end shape cross
  • present disclosure exemplary embodiment include embodiments claim kr including method
  • call session number matching character rule string phone telephone party
  • measurement reference measured measuring quality calibration result measure measurements method
  • controller switch port command configuration configured ports connected switches embodiment
  • vehicle driver driving road travel traveling vehicles autonomous parking position
  • washing drum drying water laundry cabinet detergent wash hose tub
  • temperature heating cooling thermal heat hot steam heater heated cold
  • antenna rf loop ground impedance antennas dielectric radio passive radiating
  • patient medical tissue heart biological stimulation treatment health therapy body
  • processor computer include based memory method embodiments computing instructions program
  • particles coating composite particle carbon coated size fine method diameter
  • shell lateral bone implant tooth retention teeth dental fixation neck
  • head ink medium printing recording print printer job printed inkjet
  • voltage current circuit output dc connected converter capacitor switch ac
  • vibration piezoelectric force hearing suspension damping deformation damper diaphragm ear
  • solution ml concentration preparation added substance mixture prepared solvent obtained
  • product food products cooking extract beverage fat milk coffee content
  • amino acid peptide protein acids ph activity position residue arg
  • antibody binding chain human anti antibodies antigen cells heavy cdr
  • level environment smart home appliance room levels person car environmental
  • optical fiber wavelength waveguide coupler optic grating refractive modulator cladding
  • plate hole holding holes holder plates formed fixed shaped workpiece
  • code bit error bits variable check number codes binary decoding
  • actuator platform assembly illustrative bridge tower fixture number actuators actuation
  • frame frames train overhead previous number lost adjacent railway sync
  • component connection connector board components industrial connected adapter automation socket
  • resin preferably thermoplastic invention present obtained based polyester film parts
  • field length extension header tunnel signaling fields payload invention multiplexing
  • sample test analysis samples reagent ion testing specimen analyzer sampling
  • distance movement moving motion central linear move velocity moved moves
  • terminal electronic terminals portable wearable external fig present include mobile
  • steel strength mass content high rolling resistance stress mm hot
  • core fiber fibers fabric yarn mm woven comprises spinning reinforced
  • system monitoring systems monitor alarm monitored claim status control monitors
  • amount rate range change ratio equal maximum adjustment difference greater
  • audio sound voice noise acoustic speaker microphone speech output adaptive
  • electrical contact conductive electrically conductor insulating wiring insulation contacts connected
  • channel transmission channels csi transmitted rs transmit pilot number reception
  • switching auxiliary branch switched phase current delta bank switch electric
  • uplink downlink subframe configuration ue control physical ul dl reference
  • polymer copolymer weight polymerization monomer molecular based ethylene vinyl poly
  • emitting light led organic lamp emission lighting nm phosphor electron
  • electrode electrodes lead anode cathode potential formed disposed electric applied
  • application interface card profile function applications program software usb app
  • plant plants seed growth leaf soil invention yield root cultivation
  • cutting roller belt feeding feed strip cut roll rollers conveying
  • data processing received process format stored transmitted computer processed time
  • magnetic rotor stator magnet permanent core pole flux motor magnets
  • fuel engine exhaust combustion gas intake air ratio internal amount
  • groove tire grooves rubber reinforcing tread direction width cord rim
  • sensor sensing sensors abnormality acceleration sensed sense output based detect
  • adhesive tape skin absorbent sensitive release foam pressure liner wound
  • metal alloy copper aluminum nickel iron zinc cu metallic titanium
  • pressure valve pump cylinder piston hydraulic oil chamber valves high
  • image camera images captured capturing capture view projection face scene
  • substrate substrates collector formed provided electro jacket electroconductive nanofiber comprising
  • storage memory file stored read disk cache storing page reading
  • heat refrigerant exchanger compressor expansion outdoor exchange indoor coolant evaporator
  • key authentication security secure encrypted signature encryption verification message token
  • piece pieces spacer construction floating bushing roof concrete cement pan
  • frequency band wave high low resonance frequencies resonator bands resonant
  • active negative positive electrolyte lithium battery electrode material separator ion
  • single continuous half double clamping clamp complex synthetic pc ribbon
  • mounting connecting fixing mounted screw attachment bracket fastening attached thread
  • instruction remote relay bus micro execution register instructions pipeline address
  • forming manufacturing cavity mold process method formed molding shape press
  • layer layers formed thickness structure barrier multilayer forming includes layered
  • device devices connected configured configuration includes embodiment claim provided comprising
  • cartridge handle surgical instrument end assembly staple fig distal jaw
  • radiation ray inspection intensity detector infrared irradiation energy electron source
  • film semiconductor silicon thin formed oxide substrate forming deposition nm
  • item digital items analog peripheral adc manipulator docking converter method
  • cells cell stem culture cd medium expression tissue human derived
  • composition rubber meth parts mass acrylate preferably compound weight examples
  • battery secondary charging primary electric charge pack charged discharging batteries
  • light source illumination emitting wavelength emitted reflection reflected incident sources
  • pixel imaging image pixels observation resolution endoscope interest pickup images
  • video stream media content broadcast playback streams audio file multimedia
  • powder oxide porous sintered raw obtained silicon ceramic diameter ratio


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